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  1. Clarlet Black-Brown

    Thank you so much for these words of encouragement. i am so depress right now and i feel a bit better. things are really rough right now and i am trusting God to come through for me and my family. my daughter was to start school, i cant come up with the school fee, she doesnt have a shoes, so much, we need a home of our own, a family car and most of all money. so as you pray i ask that you remember my family in your prayers. Thank you and God bless you all. Mrs. Brown

  2. nick nuanmanee

    this is going to help me through my day tomarrow…i was worried and scared and unsure about things but its okay because the Lord will help me…i cannot sleep its 2 11 am so i will leave my heart and my familys fate in the Lords hands, as i know He’ll care for all of us, God bless you all Amen

  3. i have little faith and hope and i pray to God that all this will change i feel like i go threw 1 thing and along comes 5-10 more things i beleive in God sometimes i wonder do he beleive in me i want it so bad in my heart to get myself together but i feel like my mind leads me another way i find myself at times getting weak i be wanting to give up but i have kids and a wonderful boyfriend thats why now i feel as if enough is enough and im ready to give in.for once in life i want to feel like i acomplished something. I no i can be a better person.Im hoping reading a word or two everyday will encourage me and help me think more positive and just get on the right track and do more and better things for God and my family, my self

  4. Cara Baines

    I am thankful for your words of encouragement. I am not sure where I am supposed to be or what I am supposed to be doing in my life at this particular time. I have worries on my mind that I know God will take care of, but I can’t seem to shake this feeling of unknowing what or where I need to be, the only thing I am sure about right now is that I love God and all that he has in store for me.

  5. olive cruz

    Thank you for this web site who encourage Gods people even those who will read all your bible verse encouragement word. I’m really right now at times of trials with my health and financial but praise the Lord that his words keep me strong in faith. Pls pray for me…and I beleive that I will overcome all this things through the power of his words. More power to this site and many will be bless from this site. God bless!!!

  6. Deveney

    Thank you so much for these words of encouragement. right now i am feeling lonely, hurt, and depressed. Im so glad that i found this website, it was a lot of help.

  7. Gigi

    I pray for all of our pain to be gone in Jesus Christ’s name, this time is being hard because of my kids, it hurts me for them I will take these pain for I know GOD will never leave my side, everything I leave on HIS hands he kows what is good for me and children, In HIM everything I can.

  8. I am going to encourage others today with these precious words from the mouth of him Who is.I realize God cares more than anyone else can do. He has endless love to us.
    Thank you may our Dear Lord “YHWH” be with you

  9. samuel


  10. MM Mensah Bonsu

    Thank God for this site,before opening this site i was so confused didn’t know what to do,is like everything is up side down,i need money for my son’s school and so many fincial problems,whiles thinking and crying within me,i just google words of encouagement and this site came up and it really helped me,now i know God is still near me and He is in control,first is like He has departed from me,but through this site i know He is still there leading me through.Thank God for who ever created this site.

  11. Thanks to this site. it has been so encouraging for me.The whole of last week I have been so broken hearted.I separated from my husbands many years ago becopuse of his violence, heavy drinking and lack of responsibility. I have five kids which I am struggling to get through high school and college education. My salary is not enough. Last week one of my sister promised to help me raise fees for one of my sons who was joining campus.After receiving the letter I approached her and she became v wild and really humiliated my status. I felt v hurt and I cried the whole lwhole week. I blamed God and started questioning him. Things were so tough and life has been so tough. But after visiting your site, I got relived and encoauraged. i realised that God is the best father,who will never part from his children no matter what. he has good ,plans for us and he will never forsake us. cheers

  12. maggie

    Sometimes the difficulty of the fight seems to be stronger than the glory of the reward; these passages remind me that it is only a fight if I allow myself to struggle. Thank you.

  13. marinela

    truly, God’s word is living. He’s powerful and He knows what’s best for us. And i do believe in the bible. He is such a living God.Praise to God!I worship Him..=)

  14. posh

    HI I CERTAINLY NEEDED THAT! am undeergoing a diamonds shaping at heart its been a long way coming and i need the grace to get thro my last but not final lap in this season of my life

  15. Seth

    I feel like nothing makes sense. I keep making the same mistakes, wondering if I’ll ever change. If you read this pleas pray for me. I need to keep getting back up. Taking God’s hand and getting back up.

  16. tony


  17. julie

    thank you Lord for the encouraging verse that helps me to realized that YOU are loving God…GOD BLESS to all

  18. nancy

    i have been blessed i was looking for words of encouragement to encourage the youth in my church but the way God is so good i got encouraged and now i walk toll knowing that with God all things are possible and in due time i will reap all that belongs to me and that what the devil has stolen from me God has restored it back to me how blessed i am, how big is God’s grace

  19. okoye

    thank u 4 more light of the word of God.


    thanks for the word of encoragement,i pray that everyone who epen this site may understand the message, today we are living in the world with full of sins where christian are giveuping/backsliding because of the challenges that they are facing. if all of us can read jeremiah 29:11 and have faith we can be save. GOD bless you

  21. jacob mathew

    Thanks for the word of encouragement, As since few days i was worried of my job stability will i be in the same job or will i be getting the same salary what i am drawing regularly and like wise many things was going through my mind.I was feeling very lonely and upset because of these question arising in my mind at that time i felt that i should go through the bible verses and i got your site and got my answer how your hope should be and by taking tension you cannot add a single hour to your life i am touched by these words and all of the sudden my hopes have become high and that same mind which was thinking all negative thoughts became positive. I am thankful to the allmighty who has given me everything but still i was worried and tensed, but now i am free from those problems,Once again thanks to the entire team of word of encouragement.

  22. reebocca

    “Today is the day that the LORD has made. Let us rejoice & be glad.” I can’t remember where in the bible that is found, but I will praise GOD for all that I have & I will lay down my heart, my life, my family & all my concerns at HIS alter. I too have been struggling to get back on the right path. I find that sometimes the lines are a bit fuzzy, but I will be patient & listen for HIS guidence. I will pray for those that I know & all those that I don’t if they have given their worries to GOD. My faith is strong but my flesh is weak, & I could use some prayer as well. My family is struggling with addictions, at risk teens, health issues, & finances. I thank GOD for whoever created this site & also for those that have posted comments. You are all such a blessing for me & others who may not feel comfortable leaving their woes here. Keep teaching others & praising JESUS!

    In GOD’s Hands!

  23. Lim

    I am currently waiting at home,getting ready to go over to the airport. I have a flight to take back to my hometown. I have aerophobia (fear of air travel). However, after reading God’s words and comments left by all of you, i realize that my problems are nothing compared to the others and yet from time to time i complained and doubt God.

  24. Jeba sagitha

    please send words to my mail id daily is very useful for me
    thank you

  25. Michelle

    im thankful to have found this site-i am going through a situation where i feel the devil is hard at work trying to discourage me, whatever i try seem not to fall into place-but as hard as it is-after feeling worried and stressed i still find it in me to know that the lord has declared that he has plans for me, plans to prosper me not to destroy me, plans to give me hope and a future-im trying to start a business, i already started now the devil wants to come into my business and wants to destroy it-however i pray that this devil be defeated in jesus’s name, i serve a living God and i cannot be struggling to please the devil. please keep me in your prayers

  26. ms. spry

    HI’ve been living with hard times ever since I was 4 years old. I am now 16 and I battle with myself everyday over if I shouldd live or not. At one point in my life, 2 years ago to be exact, I cut myself. Even though you people may not think so, cutting is an actual condition. A side effect of major stress and depression I guess you could say.. I think about it every day and suicidal thoughts run through my head. But god has hellped. Me through this hard time and hellped me to help myself from cutting or doing worse things to my body. I know you may all find it foolish but once you hear what I have been through I think you might just understand.

    When I was four years old I was molested by my biological father. He did things to me that no man should do to a child. I felt scared and alone but soon there after my mind created a block and I didn’t remember anything till a few years ago. After he had done that he had gotten custody of my younger brother and I (whom I watched him molest also) without my mother knowing. (During this time they were going through a custody battle. And he had gotten full custody from the court by saying crude things about her). Soon there after my mother cleared it all up and he fled to florida where I haven’t heard from him since. No cards gifts phone calls or even emails. Once that was done and over with and my brothe mother and I settled into my moms boyfrieends home she began to do drugs. She has not stopped since. I remember times when I was sitting in the car for days eating mcdonalds and. Watching her smoke out of a glass pipe. When my new found step dad got us out of there at about age nine we move to virginia. My mom stopped for a while but only lasted a year && a half. During that year and a half I took care of my ,at the time, one or two year old sister. Diapers feeding the whole 9 yards. We moved after school ended two years after moving in. As soon as we moved to missouri my mother found a job at a bursing home and then found her friend whom introducced her to the needle. She got so verry bad. I was about 11 when we moved there and for 4 years I watched my three siblings(two, a boy and girl, were my step dads children) and her friends three children every single day while her and her friend did drugs. We practically had a secound home in the run down cockroach filled trailor. And every day, even every single one of my birthdays, I watched and took care of those 6 kids. My mother went through every drug you can think of. Cocaine meth pain pills heroine weed and more. She ruined herself and the relationship that I could have possibly had with her. She got herself arrested multiple times. She found herself a drug addict boyfriend. And she even moved out for three months to live with him. At times she would be gone for days and we were extreemly tight on money. The day I cut of my left pointy finger in shop class tho was one of the worst of my life. I didn’t mind it much at all yes it hurt and yes I didn’t have a finger anymore but I was just happy that I was ok. Untill my mother showed up at the hospital they medflighted me to which was 2 hours away 6 hours later with her ‘friend’ and when I got my pain medication she took half of it and gave me ibprofin. That’s what hit home. A year later(after the accident and 4 years after we moved in.) We moved out to arizona. My mother had gone to the hospital multiple times for a hundred health issues including a heart problem. Which she takes meds for. She still does drugs and because she is on probation she can only come and visit us in arizona untill she gets her moving papers. She is killing herself daily. And then there’s my step dad whom I love to death but he is a majorly bipolar person and yells at me for going to the bathroom when I get home from school everyday befor I help my now 6 year old sister with her1st grade homework when I have my own to do and all he does is sit on the couch. I am now juggleing a college class along with the hardest classes you can take in arizona as a jounior. And he expects me to do everything in the house before homework and still keep my grades up at an a and b range. Otherwise I am grounded. Its very stressfull and I always neeed something motivational to get me throught the day. This has hellped allot. Thankyou for posting these bible verses and helping me keep god alive in my heart. God bless everyone of you<3

  27. Juanita Collins

    Thank you for having such an inspiration site for people who need to be encouraged. Faith is needed to please God, and without God we could do nothing.

  28. macdinho

    i thank Jesus for this i so happy as the word makes me free

  29. Linda

    My struggle is with a pastor who seems to be a very godly man, has a good wife and kids, has a great church, yet who seems to have a vendetta against me and has come out against me from the pulpit falsely accusing me on more than one occassion. I always want to see the best in everyone, so when I had a dream that he would do something similar to this, before it happened, I was still taken aback, not realizing until too late that God was warning me and that I should have prayed more about it. Now because it has happened more than once, this last time being the straw that broke the camels back, I have left that church and now am looking for another church. I have not found one yet. I do not in any way expect the pastor to be perfect. I do not expect him to be anything but human and I do not expect a perfect church, but from experience I am sick and tired of hearing about how the church people hurt the pastors, when from what I have seen it more often happens the other way around. Pastors and preachers, please take to heart what I am about to say. You have the greatest capacity to hurt someone in your congregation by saying untrue, unfounded things about people because maybe someone told you something they heard, with no proof, or whatever. The scriptures state that if you have an offense, you are to go to the person privately, then take a witness, then tell the church. In that order and only if the first step produces no results. What you heard may be completely untrue, told by someone that is competitive, or jealous, or whatever reason. God says he will hold you more responsible because he will judge teachers more strictly. You have the power to annihilate someone who is a sincere believer in Christ, just by not guarding your tongue and spewing out whatever you think you need to to make a point. Thing is, I am not a high maintenance member of the church, never was, I pray my own prayers and do not bug the pastor with that. I do not expect him to drop everything he is doing to come see about me. I fellowship with other christians on a regular basis and pretty much get along with other people. When a visiting preacher made a joke that insinuated that the pastor was on drugs, only in fun, the pastor ran up on stage to defend himself and make sure no one beleived that. I on the other hand did not have that privelege as I was made to feel belittled and humiliated in front of the entire church, by this same pastor. Some have very little capacity to feel the pain they inflict on the sheep, while the bible says people in authority should never “lord it over the sheep”. Whoa to those who cause “one of these little ones to stumble”. I believe that does not refer especially to little children, although it certainly includes them…I believe that refers to any sincere believer in our Lord and Saviour,Jesus Christ. Please pray for me that I can break through this wall of pain and get back on the right path that God has for me.

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