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  1. It really resonated with me wen you mentioned Jesus restoring Peter 3 times as to counteract what he did by denying him. I think of the woman caught in adultry as well. She had to have those demons cast out 7 different times. I think to me the most important thought is 1 John 1:9 and just knowing this promise of Jesus being Faithful to forgive AND to cleanse us! Thank you so much for this blog

  2. Davina

    Wow… I needed to read this today

  3. Margie

    Thank you for your reminder that God is all about new beginnings. It is good to hear of others experience with God. It truly is Amazing that God in all his unfathomable enormity and endless timelessness is able not only to take time to listen to the thoughts and feelings in my heart and soul, but that he responds to the smallest longing inside me. I am sometimes just blown away by the promises he has made to know me from the inside out and yet still to love me so unconditionally. I am sometimes not so pretty on the inside or the outside and yet he loves me just the same.
    I have watched my husband and my mother die slowly from cancer, and my dad struggle with loneliness in his old age, a daughter struggle with illness and anxiety, and yet I have seen each of them put their trust in this God who is all powerful and all loving, who sustained and continues to sustain us each day. The circle of life is truly wonderful, and the enormity of our God who is so full of such amazing grace, reminds me to live life to it’s fullest extent, to laugh as much as possible and to continue to see beautiful things and people the way God looks at them. Blessings to you.

  4. jim Naas

    I believe that churches need to make new beginnings as well. Our church will have a new pastor this Sunday following two years of turmoil. We are trusting in God’s restoring power and grace as we begin once again.

  5. Bidex Johnson Okeni

    I am so excited about this sermon about Starting All Over Again.Thank you so much for the word.Its really blessed my life & its inspiring.

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