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  1. Erica

    While reading this encouragement I could feel the peace of God flow over me. Prior I was angry and hopeless because there’s some things going on in my life that seem like they will never change. This site is great.

  2. Sabrina

    Thank you for posting this verse. I’ve been feeling spiritually attacked lately and sometimes its seems like it will never end, but it’s verses like these that remind me of God’s love and that His timing is always perfect. Until then, I will “wait in hope”.

  3. Kanisha Hatchett

    Thank you so much for this I was sitting at work this morning, and I felt so at peace, there are so many things going on in my life right now. I woke up this morning, my car would not start, the money that I have to pay my gas, and electric I have to go and get my car fixed. Also I had made up my mind to start paying my tithes in full because I felt as if I was cheating God, after all he has done for me giving back 10% is not that much after everything once again he has done for me. No matter what is going on I am trying to keep the faith, I got to work this morning, and started to type in bible verses that speaks words of encouragement and your website came up. After reading a lot on this site, this morning I feel like God has something in store for me. I don’t know what it is yet, or when it is coming but I trust and believe that he will not forsake me right now and whatever the outcome is I know that it is all in God’s plan, I am just trying so hard to stay prayed up and keep the faith in the Lord. After reading this site, I went into a conference room at my job and I just began to pray. I just prayed that the lord will keep me and guide me, I give it all to him he will never put more on you than you can bear and I believe that with all of my heart…. ok but I wont go on and on but thank you so much truly.

  4. Try to enjoy the line, instead of thinking of what’s at the end. I’m a pretty pessimistic person, but I figure while I’m standing in this queue, I can make it a lot more enjoyable for the other people waiting with me.

  5. olive cruz

    Your right, waiting for God to move is the hardest thing to do when you’re hurting and afraid. We tend to want to be delivered from whatever pain or heartache we’re dealing with right away; the thing is, it’s often in the midst of that pain that the love of God is revealed. Yes, it is exactly what’s happening to me right now while “waiting in Hope” for God to move, I feel his love and faithfulness upon the midst of storm and I believe in faith that I will overcome all this things by his mighty act. Be bless!!!

  6. susan velazquez

    Hi, God bless you. Thank you for your words. right now Im going to church and there are times I feel so alone and I know God is with me but I could really use all the help I could get,I hope you will answer me, God bless you Susan

  7. Susan, it may help to join a small group at your church so you can connect and build relationships with other Christians.

    I know how it is to attend church and still feel alone. We currently attend a large church where we really like the mission and leadership, but often feel lost in the crowd.

    Joining a small group is one solution to this. Another is finding a smaller church where you can be closer to the entire church community, which is something we’re prayerfully considering.

    Hang in there – God is with you!

  8. Flor Perez

    Good bless you all. I have been searching all my life for answers to, ”why is this happening to me, when will it get better, how can I fix this?” In the past two weeks I have lost everything that I had a tight grip on. Everything that I thought I had control over. My house, car, full time work. Everything! I have always had faith. My faith now is remarkable. I stressed so much over these material things. I completely lost sight of the bigger picture. I am more at peace now then I have ever been. I don’t have half of the things I once had, but I have something better. I know have a profound relationship with christ. I love it. I know realized I was asking all the wrong questions. I waited on my Lord. I waited in hope. God has really blessed my children and I through my struggle, I’ve recognized Gods love for me and that he had a plan for me all along, he has made me strong, firm, and steadfast! This is for those who wait. God loves you. Things will get better, steadfast and never lose faith!

  9. Liz

    Thank you for this helpful article! Right now *every* opportunity in my life is in a holding pattern with no answers, yay or nay. (I’m a writer with day job as consultant) We do all we can do, every day, and many times are met with silence. Stagnation and inertia rule the world right now it seems. True, our relationship with God is deeper but it is “a strange and fiery trial.” My hope is *only* in Him at this point…

  10. Jessica

    Waiting is hard. My 3 best friends are leaving for China in a couple days. Originally I was going to go on this long term mission trip but unfortunately finances didn’t work out. I graduated high school early so i could go. I got a job and worked really hard just like them. They will be gone for 5 months and im having a hard time trusting and waiting on God. These verses help but I feel really discouraged when I think about being stuck here. My heart is for missions and I just don’t know what God wants me to do here. Prayers are much appreciated!

  11. Danielle

    Thank you so very much Flor Perez i really need to hear what you wrote i lost my job..You are so right we have to learn and to have faith and trust God. God has been telling Trust him no matter what sometimes we want God to show up right away and miss the bigger picture thank you so very much.. God Bless you my sister

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