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  1. PT

    oh my gosh! this is so inspriring and uplifting. even though at the moment i feel as if i cant get anything done and even though i dont even know how im going to do it (my assignments, exams, tests…im in my last year of high school), i know that there all this feeling is just for now… and with my God, by my side i will pull through. No matter how hard it may seem, together we will be able to do it. Thank you so much for sharing this stroy, i really appreciate it so much.

  2. You’re welcome, PT.

    And remember, you can do all things through Christ. :)

  3. leah

    thank you. Last week was the most humbling week of my life. I too have struggled with an illness that had it been detected early, it would have merely been a bump in the road. But it wasn’t and it hasn’t been easy. It resulted in two miscarriages, countless thousands of dollars lost in medical bills and a need to continually control it with ongoing medications. My husband and I both lost our jobs and have struggled under this debt for some time. We are losing our home and desperately trying to find somewhere to move our family that we can afford while caring for our 2 kids. On my 35th birthday I had to go ask for assistance to keep the lights on…we have already shaved off every expense (except the internet for work) and are eating beans and rice daily. I haven’t been able to feed my family meat for almost a month now. I found myself thinking why am I in this? why do I have to start over at 35? How in the world can God be in this??? But he has assured me He is and He will finish the work He started in me. I was looking for anything encouraging when I found your site and that scripture leapt off the page. Thank you and God bless.

  4. You’re welcome, Leah!

  5. Thanks for the reminder Mike. I know that in my own journey when times seemed darkest it was my faith that the Lord would never put anything in front of me that I couldn’t overcome which kept me grounded and at peace.

    Having that comfort truly brings me a “next” level of strength and empowers me to help others who might be suffering from the same type of issues that I was.

    Keep rockin my brother,

  6. You’re welcome, John!

  7. Penny

    Im in such a difficult place financially and thought that my moving to my present city was in the Lords will, however financially it doesnt seem that way. Im very active in serving the Lord! I have great faith in all other areas but finance. I know the Lord is trying to teach me to trust Him with everything but when nothing changes after I have had so much faith then what? When the only reason I moved away from my family and friends was to go back to school to finish my nursing degree and be closer to the church so I could serve more. Nothing has changed and the miracle I’ve prayed for hasnt came! Im so discouraged now that I just feel angry. Ive been trying to finish this degree since 2003! Im a single mother though so its difficult trying to go to college and pay all my bills. I had a plan this time however I can only do the possible while God does the impossible. Ive did my part and now Im gonna have to quit school again to go back to work full time again! I dont understand! Im trying to still hope that a financial miracle occurs but if it doesnt then I just moved and did all this for nothing again while the faith Im trying to teach my children to have is receding. I feel exactly as your letter states and I have repented to God for my unbelief. I only hope that something happens to increase my faith instead of diminish it. I have been through many worse things, the death of a newborn, divorce, and many more so I dont know why this area makes me stress so horribly!

  8. Melaney

    Yes it is only when we are suffering that we turn to God. if only we would learn to trust Him> he knows better.

    Thank you for sharing.

  9. Tammie

    Timely. Exactly on point. The words were the specific ones I needed today… the ones He had for me to read. Thanks for writing this.

  10. Carrie C,

    Hi Mike! I have been through a storm like no other for the past year. I’ve always had my faith, but it has been stretched beyond belief this last twelve months. I can see where God has wanted me to take my relationship with him to the next level, and I have. I’ve been brought to a place now where I feel there is no way out, except through Christ, so I am in waiting… I believe I’m exactly where he wants me.

    Thanks so much for the words of encouragement above. It’s been a painful, sometimes very scary journey, but I can see and feel how much I’ve grown spiritually, and for that I am very thankful. I really enjoyed the wisdom of comparing your baby to how God sees us. I think you are exactly right!!

    Thank you for putting this together. It really helped me tonight!! :)

    Blessings Abound,


  11. Gary

    Dear Mike, thanks for the post! If possible just pray for me as I am taking up a new path in my life so as to be successful. I hope through my success I will find my lost passion, once again and will contribute to the society as well.

  12. Gary

    Dear Mike, thanks for the post! If possible just pray for me as I am taking up a new path in my life so as to be successful. I hope through my success I will find my lost passion once again, and will contribute to the society as well.

  13. Stella Jonah

    This is so uplifting.

    I was just led to ‘google’ up anything on encouragement based on the word of God and

    this caught my attention.

    I am a believer in Jesus Christ and I have faced many trials and come through.

    The ‘good news’ is that we pass through one, to get to another and have victory again.

    I am yet going through another trial again and trusting God for a breakthrough.

    Your article has blessed me and I am trusting God to share the news of Victory with you, soon.

    Thank you so much.


  14. JT

    What an encouraging story. The things that we take for granted “life” while we are in this world today. I woke up this morning looking for an encouraging word before doing my homework and I came across your story. You are a true inspiration to people and I know God has a purpose for you in this life. Stay strong in your faith, don’t let the enemy pull you down. Blessings for you and your family…

  15. MKC

    Thank you. I think you are an inspired and gifted encourager and I am greatful to hear these words today.

  16. barb hambley

    I just read your article and it is so encouraging and timely. In the last month I have been studying and learning alot about maturing in Christ. I’ve realized how that usually happens is by trials and suffering. Fun wow! But it really does strengthen us when we look back. The bible verses I have really been hanging on to in the last few months are James 1v2, Romans5v3,4,5 and Prov.3v5,6, also psalm23v3,4. When we don’t understand and want our own way we have to keep trusting that God knows best and see’s the whole picture…that is why I love the illustration you gave about your infant son! That is such an encouraging picture and thank you for using your gift of writing to bless others!

  17. Margaritha

    Thank you so much for sharing this! It’s so inspring and uplifting. I have been struggling with a lung disease for years already and i managed to be brave at least in front of people but lately it changed. I can’t accept it anymore.Can’t see any meaning in all of this and it’s so hard to trust that God really knows what’s best for us. I searched for some encouragement today and i found this page. It was a great help. God bless you!

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