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  1. My brother had cancer so I know what Chandler is going through in a sense. It’s easy for us to get side tracked and not sure where to go but by him staying his eyes fxed on the savior… It will fill his cup to the upmost!

  2. Steve I have no idea what it is what you go thru is like, or how old your kids are. How the insurance is….or what medication are a must.
    I went from one brain surgery to my ex beating me (army-bad marriage for years.) so after tragic trying that same medication-I hit the ER/Hopital 4 times, last one was the saving one-yet also the one that started health catastrophy. Much in between, divorces, medication changes, etc…I had to go thru a 2nd brain surgery. 1 month later relapse. I kept positive attitude. Was going thru mu sticky divorce-brought in worse seizurepgot thru it…and when our wedding came neuro and us discussed to put mr on the drug I was addicted to to get me down the aisle….hubble in control. Worked into the beginning of the year—my boddies white dropped, grad mal seizureslllllso this Feb we went for an AWAKE one—-only now my who body barely moves at 33, can barely see, hard ti come up with words, in do much pain all over. Probably the 3rd awake brain surgery—but God has His plans.

    HOLD ONTO THAt…I am 33..1 daughter who is 9….I know Jesus has plans….

    God bless you!!

    In His Love,



  3. Joycelyn Rhymer

    Hi I just tapped into this site looking for faith scriptures. Chandler strength just cause me to think. I am going through so many things that I think to the mishaps I some how lost my faith where my life is concern but Chandler said that he is happy that God counted him worthy to put this suffering upon him. I never even look at my suffering as he did. My spirit just quicken as I just read that line that was written.
    I am not sure if Chandler is still on the land of living but I pray that God will touch him from the crown of the head to the sole of his. I plead Psalm 91 to the body or wherever the cancer attack in the body. May God bless you and your family. Thanks for your faith in Jesus Amen.

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